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  • 1st February 2017
  • By Joe
  • Review
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Video Review of Warrior Adonis – An Advanced Multi-Vitamin

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Video Transcript:
Hi everyone. It’s Andrew here from and today I shall be looking at a premium multivitamin supplement called Adonis, and it’s from the brand Warrior.

Warrior Adonis is not just your standard multivitamin supplement. It’s a lot better than that; it’s what I would call a high quality, premium multi-vitamin. It’s far from a basic, cheap multivitamin, as you will see.

Warrior supplements state that Adonis is the world’s most advanced male sports multivitamin which includes the best ingredients. This multivitamin will help you to feel better with more alertness and energy.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients. It would take forever to go through each ingredient so I have put a list on the screen so you can take a look yourself. However, I will go through the best additional ingredients which you will not find in a standard multivitamin:

– Digezyme – to help aid digestion

– Saw Palmetto – to help support healthy prostate function

– Panax Ginseng – this will help to improve cognitive performance

– ZMA – a very popular supplement, so this is a great addition. ZMA helps to improve sleep and can naturally increase testosterone levels

– Alpha Lipoic Acid – an effective anti-oxidant with other benefits

– Royal Jelly Extrat – a rich source of protein and vitamins which includes 17 amino acids

– Gingko Biloba – can improve brain and memory function

– Nettle Leaf Extract – helps to improve mental performance and control blood sugar levels

– Grape Seed Extract – another great anti-oxidant

– Kelp Extract – helps with natural energy – it’s a rich source of iodine

– Co-Enzyme Q10 – An anti-oxidant

– Plus a hell of a lot more ingredients!

As you can see, the ingredients list is very impressive. Prior to this review, I have been taking Warrior Adonis for a month and I have noticed a difference with general wellbeing.

The tub contains 90 capsules, the directions state to take 3 capsules daily with food, in split doses. So, for example, take one at breakfast, again at lunch and the final one with your evening meal. Therefore, you have 30 servings, which is a month supply.

The tub is currently listed at £19.99, though this may change. £19.99 for 30 days’ supply is quite expensive for a multivitamin, but, you need to keep in mind the superior quality of the ingredients included. If you’re after a premium multivitamin, you can’t beat this. I have often seen offers on Warrior Adonis, even as much as 50% off, so it is definitely worth keeping an eye out for special offers to save a bit of extra cash.

Overall, I would rate Warrior Adonis a 5 out of 5 stars. It is definitely the best of the best in the world of advanced, premium multivitamin supplements. Buy a 30 day supply and see how you feel, I bet you will notice a difference if you haven’t been using such a product before.

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